class devices.Gyro(ev3handle, layer=1, portnum=1, inputmode='angle')[source]

The class to represent the EV3 gyro sensor.

Set up a gyro sensor on port number 1

>>> from pyev3.brick import LegoEV3
>>> from pyev3.devices import Gyro
>>> myev3 = LegoEV3(commtype='usb')
>>> mysensor = Gyro(myev3, portnum=1, inputmode='rate')
  • ev3handle (object) – LegoEV3 instance representing the EV3 brick.

  • layer (int) – The layer of the brick 1 or 2 in a daisy-chain configuration.

  • portnum (int) – The brick input port connected to the sensor. Possible values are 1, 2, 3, or 4.

  • inputmode (str) –

    • 'angle' angular position in deg

    • 'rate' angular speed up to 440 deg/s

    • 'angle&rate' angular position and rate


Displays a summary with the sensor information.

property inputmode

Contains the sensor input mode. Use this to change the mode on the fly (read/write).

property output

Contains the sensor output based on the inputmode (read only).

  • integer angle (inputmode=’angle’)

  • integer rate (inputmode=’rate’)

  • tuple of integers (angle, rate) (inputmode=’angle&rate’)